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The Company established in 1989, Sight and Sound {K} Limited a leading collaboration solution provider, with expertise ranging from solution consultation, solution design, installation, and integration of Videoconferencing solutions, Audio Visual solutions, and integrated solutions such as information technology and audio visual.

What the company is

We advice, design, deploy and manage for our clients such collaboration solution as per the clients requirements, that enable the clients workforce collaborate without borders, build strong teams within the clients workforce, enable the client to focus on his specialty, and improve and maximize use of communication, both visual and audio within the clients environment.

What the company does

Established as a purely audio visual and collaboration platform 30 years back, Sight and Sound Limited has a strong team of Audio Visual Engineers and Technicians, whose core IT background has been transformed to understand the integration point between core IT and core AV, thus creating a strong technical solution team that easily designs a solution to fit into the clients existing IT infrastructure.
Where We Do It?
Our pre-sales, sales, and post-sales teams will work for your organization from the inception of the idea, the conception of the design, the birth of the project, the deployment of the project within your live environment and the management of the solution throughout its life. Our teams will be there to guarantee the best audio, visual, or integrated collaboration solution to ensure you’re your organizations communication requirements are covered.

Poly Distributorship

The Company has acquired the distributorship of Poly video conferencing solutions since 2007. As a principle vendor and sole distributor of Poly in Kenya, we offer the best-in-class integration of Poly unified communication infrastructure, audio and video conference solutions. Our customers will be assured any purchase of Poly systems from SSL. We have the knowledge, training, commitment and backing from Poly to meet your voice/video conferencing collaboration and requirements.

As a Poly partner, SSL works closely with Poly engineering to integrate full line of Polycom systems into its UC platform. Through our strategic partnership, SSL is able to give complete support to Poly solutions as well as designing a UC platform that brings out the best from Poly video conferencing, voice end-points and unified communication infrastructures.

Poly audio and video conferencing solutions have helped SSL to earn high customer satisfaction. Currently, Poly has the largest market share in Hong Kong video conference market. The customer base has grown and covered large and multinational corporations.

About Poly

Poly, a U.S. based videoconferencing company, is specialized in open standards-based unified communications (UC) solutions for voice and video collaboration, trusted by more than 415,000 customers around the world. Poly has been known for its video and voice quality and reliability. Customers report that Poly video collaboration saves them an average of 24 % in sales-related costs and 30% in travel costs, while accelerating time-to-market an average of 24%.1

Forrester , a global research and advisory firm, which is specialized in research and analysis technology companies, products and services. In Q3 2012, Forrester carried out a research which showed Polycom was the top-ranked company for ‘Current Offering’ and ‘Strategy,’ and earned perfect scores for Quality of Experience, Interoperability, Product Roadmap, Partners, and Security and Compliance.

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Our Skills
Cloud Video Conferencing 94%
Audio Visual Intergration 98%
Video Conferencing 96%
Premium Support 98%
WAN Optimization 82%

Certifications & Awards

Polycom Special Recognition Award

Polycom Gold Partner 2014

Polycom Special Recognition 2012

Business Performance 2009

Polycom Award 2014

business commitment award 2009-2010

Polycom Award 2013

The Integrator Business Choice 2012

Safaricom Partnership Recognition Award


The management board is the governing body of SSL. The board is committed to monitoring the operational transparency and maintain the confidence of shareholders, customers, employees and the public that is essential to our success.

Rajesh Lakhani
Rajesh Lakhani
Managing Director
Director of Sight and Sound Limited, Rajesh Lakhani, who reportedly pioneered the use of the technology in Kenya's health sector, says that through telemedicine a country does not need to import expatriates to perform complicated surgical procedures.
Bhupesh Lakhani
Bhupesh Lakhani
An appointed or elected member of the board of directors of a Sight & Sound Limited who, with other directors, has the responsibility for determining and implementing the company’s policy.
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