What is Service Level?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract or a part of a service contract which defines the service. In other words, SLA is an agreement
that defines the terms of service that exist between a service provider and their customer.

 Sight and Sound Limited focuses on all major service levels. Some of them are as follows: 

1. Customer SLA: Where there is an agreement between an
individual customer and a company. 

2. Service SLA: Service SLA is for every customer making use of the
services being provided by a company, e.g. Response time
for emails. 

3. Multi-level SLA: It is a combination of levels with the purpose of
addressing multiple sets of customers. 

4. Corporate SLA: This includes all Service Level Management (SLM)

5. Customer Level SLA: This includes all SLM issues that apply to a
particular group of customers.

6. Service Level SLA: This includes all SLM issues that apply to
specific services

With Sight and Sound SLA, the customer gets guaranteed service quality and the service provider works within precisely defined responsibilities and tasks.

Working according to SSL SLA guarantees predictable resource spending, swift issue resolution, uninterrupted end-user experience and boosts the brand loyalty.

Isn’t it what every business needs?




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