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Sony Service Centre

Repair Service Centre

Sony Service Centre

The Sony Service Centre provides a total life cycle solution for electronics customers.  Established in 2001, we have built a reputation for providing close customer contact with first time resolution together with a product service and repair facility that provides fast turn around time and high quality.  The Customer Service Centre is not only a repair centre but also provides services such as pre-sale and after sale advice, product inspection and large batch refurbishment.

Using dedicated IT Systems, the Customer Service Centre has the capability for Total Inventory Management to ensure minimal Turn Around Time.  Product flow is tracked through the whole process from first customer contact, delivery to the repair facility, through the repair cycle and back to the customer.

As one would expect from the Sony brand, quality is vitally important and failure analysis can be monitored and fed back to the customer with reports available on demand.  Value added product life cycle feedback is available at every stage including pre-sale, early life technical support, post sale warranty service and customer satisfaction.

In today’s ever increasing eco-efficient world, all activities aim to create a sustainable environment where all waste streams are disposed environmentally, to minimise the impact on society.  Our regular reviews with our environmental waste partners are held to ensure continuous compliance to both WEEE and ROHS.

 Manufacturing Expertise Supporting Service Solutions

  • BGA / PoP – Repair
  • Component – Replacement, Inspection & Analysis, X-ray
  • Firmware / Software – Update and Control
  • Network Connectivity – GPS, WIFI, Mobile, Bluetooth
  • Laser Technology – CD, DVD, Blu-Ray
  • Display Technology – LCD, LED, Touch Screen, HD OLED Manufacture
  • Lens / Prism / Imaging Technology – CMOS,CCD Repair & Alignment
  • Storage Technology – SAIT, HDD, SSD, MS, SD, DVDR, BDR
  • Jig & Test – Design and Manufacture
  • Ultrasonic Welding / Heat Stake – Manufacturing & Service
  • Product Compliance – EMC, WEEE, CE
  • Flex Board – Manufacture & Repair
  • Clean Environment – Class 100 and Class1000

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